Fosi Audio K3 Portable Headphone Amplifier DSD USB DAC for PC,Support COAXIAL/OPTIC

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DAC K3 is a compact audio decoder. It is an all-in-one device with Type-C, USB input, supporting both RCA, AUX analog outputs and optical, coaxial dual digital outputs. Adopt the XMOS XU208 USB decoder chip, supports 24Bit/384kHz sampling rate and DSD256 hardware decoding to achieve high fidelity quality sound, brings you live-like sound quality.



*Model: K3 

*Input: Type-C, USB /24Bit/384kHz

*Output: RCA, AUX, Optical, Coaxial

*Optical, coaxial output: 24Bit/192kHz + DSD128 DOP

*DSD hardware decoding: DSD256

*Frequency response: 16-20k Hz

*USB decode chipset: XMOS XU208

*D/A conversion chip: ES9038Q2M

*Op amp: OPA1602 (replaceable)

*Headphone mode: op amp + transistor

*Headphone output impedance: 16ohm-300ohm

*Headphone amplifier thrust: 16ohm/275mW, 64ohm/69mW

*Product size: 105x112x34mm 4.12x4.41x1.34in (including knob, etc.)

*Product weight: 265g
Package Contents:
*Fosi Audio K3 ×1
*PC-USB cable ×1
*User manual ×1

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