Fosi Audio DAC Q7 Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder QCC3003 Low Latency PCM2706 USB Optical Hi-Fi Amp DAC

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  • [Advanced AKM AK4493EQ] AK4493 adopt a new generation Premium VELVET SOUNDTM technology to make DAC works better with your audio.

  • [Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Audio] Built with high-end Qualcomm QCC3003 5.0 chip for achieving enhanced technology, leading to a quicker transmission and more stable connection with 49ft(15M) wide range.

  • [Excellent OP275-Amp] This new front end design combines both bipolar and JFET transistors to attain amplifiers with the accuracy and low noise performance of bipolar transistors, and the speed and sound quality of JFETs.

  • [Desktop DAC Designed for Hi-Fi Sound] All Aluminium Alloy shell to keep the purity of the sound, exclusively designed for the HiFi Audiophile, gold plated PCB, THD+N is as low as -113dB (0.0002%).

  • [Efficient Combination] High performance desktop DAC with Bluetooth, USB, optical and coaxial input to RCA line out. DAC decoding supports highest 192kHz / 24Bit.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz(±3dB)

  • Optical/Coaxial Input Sampling Rate: Opt-96kHz/24Bit, Coa-192kHz/24Bit

  • THD: -113dB (0.0002%)

  • PC-USB System Support: Windows all/MAC/Linux

  • SNR: ≥123dB

  • Input Interface: Bluetooth, USB, OPT, COA

  • Bluetooth Input: Bluetooth 5.0

  • Output Interface: RCA

  • PC-USB Input Sampling Rate: 48kHz/16Bit

  • Work Voltage: DC 12V

  • Size: 4.53*4.33*1.57 in

Quick tips:

1. Q: All the cables are connected, but no sound output?

A: Check the indicator is on, turn on the power if the light is still off, at this point you can find the same output voltage power supply (must 12V) to check if the machine or power supply failure.

If the indicator light is on, check whether the select knob is in the right position.

If both of the above are normal, check the input device if it is paused.

2. Q: Why do loudspeakers make a lot of electric noise?

A: If you are not using the original factory standard power supply, please replace the power supply before testing. Many power supplies in the market have large interference coefficients, which will cause a lot of current sounds.

3. Q: Why the speaker has a drone when I just plug in the input cable but don’t connect the sound sources?

A: If you use unshielded signal lines, there will be interference signals entering the power amplifier. If you hate the sound, you are advised to use the shielded signal lines or unplug the signal lines.

4. Q: Why there is no sound when PC-USB connects to PC?

A: First press the PC-USB operation to confirm whether the digital playback output has been selected. If still no sound, you can restart the computer and repeat the operation again.

5. Q: USB Device not recognized on Windows?

A: Select Start, then type device manager in the Search box, and then select Device Manager;

Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. Press and hold (or right-click) a device and select Uninstall. Repeat for each device;

Once complete, restart your computer. Your USB controllers will automatically install.

Packing list: 

  • Fosi Audio DAC-Q7

  • DC12V 1A Power Adapter

  • PC-USB Cable

  • Optical Cable

  • User’s Manual

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