Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier
2.1 Channel Mini Class D Integrated Amp
Crafted with care

Creating everything you want

Adopts 2PCS TI TPA3255
165W x2+350W@4Ω
Connect Passive/Powered Speakers Passive/Powered Subwoofers  
Supports SUB FREQ , SUB Volume, Master Volume/Treble/Bass Control
All-NEW Black Aluminum Appearance & Replaceable Knobs


With this advanced 2.1 CH Bluetooth 5.0 receiver amplifier, you can easily connect passive speakers, passive subwoofers, active speakers, and active subwoofers to your DIY stereo system and experience Hi-Fi music quality.


High-quality stereo Bluetooth 5.0 receiver amp for home entertainment that achieves Hi-Fi audio quality.

Mulitple Sound Adjustment Functions

Professional wireless amp with subwoofer frequency, SUB volume, master volume, treble, bass control.


An Uncomplicated, Thoughtful Design
There is no need to install any software or drivers to connect the BT30D Pro to any device, and high-quality binding posts ensure that your passive speakers will connect securely.

Bluetooth Matching

The Bluetooth transmission distance is up to 50 Ft. You can easily enter your audio device's Bluetooth settings to pair the amplifier in just one step, giving you a perfect user experience.

3.5MM Full Frequency Output

You can connect a powered speaker, powered subwoofer, or a power amplifier to the BT30D Pro through the 3.5MM Full frequency Pre-Out to build your home stereo sound system to your desktop with a compact audio receiver style.

High-End Amp Chip Integrated

The TPA3255 chip, compatible with 24V~36V power supply, enables true premium sound quality and low power stage idle losses with class-D efficiency.  Make the sound more excellent and support greater power output.

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Our Product Details

Model: BT30D PRO
Chip Set: TPA3255
Output Power: 165W x2+350W@4Ω
Terminating Impedance: 2-8Ω
Input Mode: Bluetooth+RCA
Output Mode: Passive Speakers/Subwoofer+AUX
Frequency Range:  20Hz - 20kHz
THD: ≤0.03%
SNR: ≥108dB
Bluetooth Transmission Distance: Up to 50Ft
Bluetooth Name: Fosi Audio BT30D PRO
Device Dimension: 6x5x1 inches
DC Input Range: 19-36V
Power Supply: 32V 5A
What's in the box?
Fosi Audio BT30D PRO Power Amplifier x1

Bluetooth Antenna x1

32V 5A Power Adapter x1

AC Cord x1

User’s Manual x1

Experts give this model high marks

This little Amp comes nicely packaged with a solid feel to the case and the controls and connectors.
I don't plan to use the BT part, but I did test it and works fine ( even without the Antenna at close range ).
Power is more than sufficient with the supplied power brick for driving a pair of older Polk R150s, though I also tested it on some Klipsch 5800s, Epic IIs, and a few other speakers. 
On January 11, 2023
Was a bit skeptical for such a low price. Pleasantly surprised. Small,powerful enough for our Polk bookshelf speakers and generic subwoofer. Volume control precise,subwoofer output to dial in sound for your liking. Tone controls for those who like to be in control of everything haha ie meeee. Whether it is movies or music. Bluetooth connectivity easy and instant with no audible "pop". 
Buford V Gentry Jr
On April 2, 2023
Drives a Bose pair of double cube speakers and a passive subwoofer with no problems!
On April 16, 2023


Get noise when playing music?
  • Try to use other Bluetooth devices. Weak or unstable Blue- tooth signal will cause this problem, try to close your device to the BT30D PRO.
  • Try another RCA cable and make sure the audio cable is connected correctly.
  • Please unplug the RCA cable from the amplifier, and then turn it on to have a try.
  • Please change the audio cable and audio source to have a try.
  • Did you set the "Treble" volume to the top? Please volume down the "Treble" volume.
  • The gain of BT30D PRO is larger than other model, you can volume down the  "Treble" sound. Some speakers are very sensitive so that the white noise will be obvious, it’s normal that BT30D PRO has some noise when you turn up the  "Treble" volume.
  • Make sure that all the cables are completely pushed into the device, incompletely connection will cause this issue.
  • Please keep this device away from other electronic devices.
All cables are connected, but there is no audio output?
  • Please check the indicator light on the front panel of the amplifier and the power supply are on.
  • If the indicator light is on, please check if the volume knob is at the minimum state, if it is, please turn up the volume.
  • Make sure that BT30D PRO is in the play mode you want.
Note: Bluetooth input mode (the input mode indicator light will turn blue). RCA input mode (the input mode indicator light will turn red). Once Bluetooth is connected, the RCA input will be interrupted.
  • Please check if the audio source is paused.
  • Please try to change the sound source, cables and speakers /subwoofer.
  • Restart the BT30D PRO and your device, then try to connect again.
Note: Make sure that all the cables are completely pushed into the device.
My Bluetooth device can't pair with BT30D PRO?
  • Make sure that BT30D PRO is on and the LED light on the power adapter is green.
  • Make sure that BT30D PRO is not paired with other devices.
  • Make sure that the distance between your device and BT30D PRO is not too long, close your device to BT30D PRO to have a try.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles between your device and BT30D PRO, obstacles will affect the Bluetooth operation distance.
  • Please try to change another Bluetooth audio source to test.
  • Please replug the power supply, move the amplifier to anoth- er room and test it again.
  • Restart the BT30D PRO and then try to connect again, try to use another brand of mobile phone.
One channel does not work?
  • Please test whether the Bluetooth and RCA input have the same problem first.
  • If the two modes have the same problem, swap the speaker cables of the left and right channels, or change another speaker, and then test whether this channel still does not work.
  • If only RCA or Bluetooth mode does not work, change the audio source, change the RCA cable and test again, and make sure that all the cables are completely pushed into the device.
Can I connect a turntable to it?
  • If your turntable has a built-in phono preamp, you can directly connect the BT30D PRO to your turntable with RCA cable.
  • If your turntable does not have a built-in phono preamp, you need to add a phono preamp to the turntable and BT30D PRO, similar to our BOX X2.
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