Is the Fosi Audio V3 excellent?

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Is the Fosi Audio V3 excellent? - Fosi Audio

Many people say it’s good and leave many people in doubt, but sometimes you just really have to see it all for yourself and enjoy what you have. And that’s what I did. In this review I will give insights, criticism and final thoughts about the Fosi Audio V3.

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Light disclaimer; The setup I am running is a FiiO KA3 as a DAC, running to a splitter going to RCA cables into the amplifier. My speakers at the time of review are the EPOS M12.2. Results from the amplifier may vary from speaker to speaker.


(Desktop amp configuration)

From the time of unboxing, you’ll be greeted by the cute unit that is the Fosi Audio V3, my mom refused to believe that this was an amplifier.
The Volume knob is special, it has a logarithmic potentiometer, so instead of hearing your volume go up in a straight line, it’s kind of a curve meaning that you have more fine adjustment on your sound level. The knob also goes up until it points almost exactly 90 degrees down which is funny having always seen volume stops at around 4 o’clock and a half.
The back of the amplifier has RCA stereo input, 2 pairs of speaker binding posts and a singular 3.5mm line out.

The criticism for this amplifier that I have is not very special. The experience I've had up to this moment has been very pleasing, but some things just surprise me every time.
The build quality of the unit itself is very good to say the least. It is made out of metal, has quite a little bit of heft to it, but when you see it in its place you really question if this thing is really capable of delivering some power seeing its size. To say that this thing is good is an understatement, I would say it is even excellent. This amplifier with the speakers that I have right now is a match made in heaven. I had a better experience in my own home than listening to a reference setup in my local audio shop completed with a preamp, amp and a pair of 30K$ floorstanding speakers. I have heard things that I never thought I would hear in my songs, it’s a new dimension, my mom almost even cried while listening.
The whole stage is brought to be when I play the right songs at the right level, it really brings out the best, the separation is insanely good, my mouth was wide open the whole time I first listened. The Fosi Audio V3 keeps on giving until this day.
It powers my current speakers like a charm, it was a well done upgrade to everything I ever heard. It effortlessly powers 8 ohm speakers to good levels.

Listening to The Weeknd’s song “Starry Eyes” you can basically hear things above you going around, also the song “Take My Breath” you can hear the synthesized voice at the start precisely where it is at all times, that’s how good the amplifier does at separating and spreading the output.

My final thoughts on this little beast is that it is something that is mind blowing, with the right cables, DAC and speakers you can achieve bliss. It punches way over its price range, you could tell me that this isn’t a 30K$+ setup and I wouldn't believe you. The sheer modularity that you can have on this, being the op amps and the power brick is something I can't get my head over. Fosi Audio has genuinely impressed me, and it is now one of my favorite companies.

The Fosi Audio V3 is Gab Approved.

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