K5 Pro ​

Gaming DAC & Headphone Amplifier​

- Born for Gaming. Perfect for your home gaming system.
- Suitable for PS5/Computers/PC/MAC/Nintendo Switch/active speakers, etc. 
- Adopts the Texas Instruments NE5532 op-amp chip
- Converts USB Type C/Optical/Coaxial signals to 3.5MM AUX and RCA signals
- Master volume/bass/treble control and input mode switch

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Your computer, phone, tablet, TV and more can benefit from the K5 Pro 24-bit DAC and headphone amplifier, which is perfect for upgrading the audio between your computer and gaming system.

the upgraded version of Fosi Audio Q4

Fosi Audio USB DAC Headphone Amp Combo

Input: USB-C/OPT/COA/3.5MM Microphone; Output: RCA/3.5mm Headphone

USB C/OPT/COASampling Rate: up to 24bit/96 kHz;

Output power: 1000mw@16Ω, 500mw@32Ω, 300mw@64Ω,   150mw@128Ω, 80mw@300Ω;

THD: <0.003%; S/N: >110db; Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Recommended headphone impedance: 16-300Ω


Perfect for providing high quality audio to speakers or headphones, the K5 Pro is a premium 24-bit DAC and headphone amplifier for your computer, phone, tablet, TV and more, The K5 Pro connects to your computer’s USB port or optical output without any software to download, making the K5 Pro quick and easy to set up, and will have you playing in seconds.

An elegant and rich sound​


The K5 Pro breathes new life to your games – even the ones you thought you knew best – by delivering more detail and immersion than ever before.

Outstanding performance​


Cross-platform compatibility allows you to enjoy enhanced audio on your favorite games, regardless of whether you play on a PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC.


PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro,Nintendo Switch, Phone

Input Type

USB-C, Optical, Coaxial, 3.5 mm mic

Output Type

3.5 mm headphone jack/line-out, RCA

USB Sampling Rate

Up to 24 bit/96 kHz

Optical/Coaxial Sampling Rate

Up to 24 bit/192 kHz

Headphone Impedance 

16-300 Ω  

Power Input

DC 5V via USB-C  




≥ 110dB  


4.4x3.7x1.2 in (112x95x30mm)  

Net Weight

0.55 lb (251g)  

Frequently asked questions

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