The Fosi Audio MC101 is a Bluetooth power amplifier with a VU meter. It offers two signal input options: RCA and Bluetooth, which can be effortlessly shifted between using a toggle switch. It can deliver a maximum output power of 200 watts into two channels, it also features a PRE-OUT port.

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Thank you for purchasing the Fosi Audio MC101 VU Meter power amplifier!
The Fosi Audio MC101 is a Bluetooth power amplifier with a VU meter. It is equipped with a volume control, bass & treble knobs with central detents for tone-defeating, and an exquisite VU meter. The MC101 offers two signal input options: RCA and Bluetooth, which can be effortlessly shifted between using a toggle switch. It can deliver a maximum output power of 200 watts into two channels, fulfilling your everyday audio requirements. In addition, the MC101 features a PRE-OUT port for convenient audio system expansion. Finally, besides providing an outstanding audio experience, the MC101 takes your audio experience to new heights with its captivating illuminated VU meter and a dancing pointer that synchronizes with the music, immersing you in an unparalleled audiovisual journey of dual enjoyment.

①    Bass Knob (Gain ±12dB)
②    Treble Knob (Gain ±6dB)
③    VU Meter
④    Power/Input Selection Toggle Switch
⑤    Indicator Light (In RCA mode, the red light is steady; in Bluetooth mode, it blinks during pairing and stays steady when the connection built successfully)
⑥    Volume Knob (Long press to manually clear Bluetooth connection)
⑦    RCA Input
⑧    Pre-Out
⑨    Speaker Output
⑩    Bluetooth Antenna

⑪  DC 12-24V Power Input

Packing List

Fosi Audio MC101 Bluetooth Power Amplifier x1
Bluetooth Antenna x1
24V/4.5A Power Adapter x1
User Manual x1





Amplifier Chip

Texas Instruments TPA3116 x2


Output Power

Maximum 100W x2@4Ω



Bluetooth, RCA



Speaker Output (supports banana plug or bare wire connection), Pre-Out





Dynamic Range






Frequency Response



Bluetooth Device Name

Fosi Audio MC101


Bluetooth Version



Bluetooth Connection Range

≥10 meters


Bluetooth Audio Codec



Voltage Range

DC 12V-24V

Operation Guide

1. Turn the toggle switch to OFF, install the Bluetooth antenna, turn the volume to minimum, and adjust the bass & treble knob to the middle point;
2. Plug in 24V/4.5A power supply;
3. Use the speaker cables to connect the passive speakers to the binding posts of MC101;
4. Select the input mode: for wired input mode, please connect the audio source to the RCA input terminals via RCA cables; for Bluetooth mode, tap to connect Fosi Audio MC101 on your audio source device;
5. Adjust the volume knob for the appropriate volume to start enjoying the music.


1. Do not plug or unplug the cables while the device is on to prevent abnormal sound or potential damage to the product;

2. Before switching on the amp, please adjust the volume to a low level to avoid hearing damage caused by excessive volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the sound coming out of the MC101 so low until the volume is adjusted to a higher level?
The MC101's volume control adopts a Taper A potentiometer that increases volume logarithmically. The increase in sound is slight in the early stage but increases significantly in the latter stage. Human ears perceive sound logarithmically rather than linearly, so this design can better match the characteristics of human hearing to provide a more natural and intuitive volume control.


2. Why is there no sound output when the product is connected and music is played upon startup?
A. The amplifier is not powered on, please check whether the mode indicator is on;
B. The volume of the amplifier is too small, please turn the volume knob clockwise and adjust it to the right level;
C. The audio cable is connected incorrectly, please reconnect it according to the steps in the instruction manual;
D. The audio source is not playing or muted, please check the audio source equipment.


3. Why is the power indicator light very dim or flashing constantly after powering on?
It is normal for the blue light to blink in Bluetooth mode when it is waiting to be connected, and the blue light will stay steady when successfully connected;
The blinking power indicator in RCA mode may be due to insufficient power supply voltage, please make sure you are using the supplied 24V/4.5A power supply.


4. What is the purpose of the pre-out interface?
The MC101's pre-out interface can be used to expand your audio system. You can connect a powered subwoofer, active speakers, or another amplifier to the MC101 via the pre-out port. Please note that the volume of the pre-out interface is controlled by the volume knob and the toggle switch, but is not affected by the bass and treble controls.


5. How do I clear the existing Bluetooth connection?
The MC101 supports an auto-reconnect feature, which automatically re-establishes the Bluetooth connection if it's interrupted due to reasons like the device being moved too far, powered off, or experiencing a power outage. If you need to manually disconnect from a paired Bluetooth device, please long press the volume knob for about 5 seconds until the mode indicator light starts to flash.


6. What is the purpose of the VU meter?
The VU meter is an instrument used to measure the level of audio signals, assisting in monitoring the strength and dynamic range of audio signals. It helps prevent overload and avoids distortion.


If you have any further questions, please contact our support team via

Warranty and Maintenance

Fosi Audio pledges to give a 24-month limited warranty and support from the date of purchase. If you encounter any problem when using our product, please contact our support team at

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