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The K5 Pro Mini Stereo Gaming DAC’ is directly aimed at the entry level gamer-focused audiophile.

What makes it stand out from the crowd, especially at this price point is a range of audio inputs, including a 3.5mm front-microphone port for headsets.

However, what truly stands out for me in a product at this price point is the inclusion of bass and treble tone controls; more on those later.

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What Is A Digital Analog Converter (DAC) And Why You Need It

You may not realize it, but most of us use at least one digital to analog converter (more commonly called DAC) every day. The DAC, which is found on several computers, smartphones, and tablets, is the key to unlocking digital audio. It translates vast volumes of digital data into analog signals producing high-quality audio. Most modern devices r...
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Fosi Audio Q4 DAC & Headphone Amp Perfect Combination

Q4 has been welcomed by the majority of users since its listing, buy the best gaming DAC on a limited budget and bring you HiFi enjoyment.What customers like most are that Q4 not only has HiFi sound quality but also has high and low bass adjustment buttons. "For music, I keep the bass and treble knobs at about 75% of their total capacity. But if...
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