BT20A Pro

New Generation 2-Channel Bluetooth Power Amplifie

BT20A Pro

New Generation 2-Channel Bluetooth Power Amplifie


Product Description​

The Fosi Audio BT20A Pro is a new generation Bluetooth amplifier integrating the high-performance Texas Instruments 3255 amp chip, which can bring up to 300W power per channel and allows ultra-low distortion across the audio band and superior audio quality. With tone controls, you can adjust the treble and bass in catering to your own preference. The BT20A Pro is designed and made to bring you a whole new music enjoyment experience.

Experience Music in an Entirely New Way​

A great budget HiFi gear to accompany your turntable, CD player, and speakers.​

Bluetooth 5.0 Connection​

Connect your mobile phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth devices easily and quickly.​

Listen, Feel and Wonder​Logarithmic Taper A Pot​

Personalized control knobs give a nice gradual increase or decrease, providing smooth gain and tame progression. Tone controls with midpoint potentiometers allow for pure original tone output.​

High-End Amp Chip Integrated​

The TPA3255 chip, compatible with 24V~48V power supply, enables true premium sound quality and low power stage idle losses with class-D efficiency.​

Replaceable Op-Amps​

Replaceable Op-Amp Chip Choose your favorite op chips to replace the socketed NE5532 to have your preferred sound signature.

Advanced Inductors​

High quality inductors ensure large and stable power output for the best listening experience.​

Superior Audio Performance​

The BT20A Pro amplifier provides you with high performance sound without issues. It delivers a clean, accurate sound when you are playing either classical or modern pop music.

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