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High-power amplifier with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and hi-fi sound quality

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Hi-Fi Mini Class D Integrated Amp

Bring you a perfect music experience

BL20A is a 2-channel 20Watt Power Amplifier, using Class D digital amplifier technology and advanced circuit design. The layout of the amplifier channels are matched to drive most home passive/powered/bookshelf/ceiling speakers.

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Sound

The BL20A 200W Bluetooth 5.0 Hi-Fi Mini Class D Amplifier with U-Disk/3.5MM AUX/RCA Input and Remote Control for Home Passive Speakers with Power Supply gives you powerful sound from your home stereo system.

Best in High-Quality Playback

Support MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/WAV and other lossless audio formats, U disk capacity up to 32GB. Plug and play at any time to enjoy the solid and non-destructive sound quality.

Small, Sleek and Powerful

Are you looking for a component amplifier for your home audio system? If so, the BL20A is perfect for you. Thanks to its small and elegant design, it’s suitable for all types of home audio systems. Compact, it is a great choice for those who want to enjoy an especially clear sound in their living room or bedroom. And because it is easy to use



Input Interface

AUX/U-Disk/Bluetooth Input 


Output Interface

Speaker’s Output + 3.5MM AUX Pre-out 


Frequency Response Range

20Hz- 20KHz 


Load Impedance

2-8 Ohm 


Max Power Output

100 watt×2 



Passive Speakers, Powered Speakers, Amplifier


Input Sensitivity



U-Disk Capacity

Max 32GB 











Power Amplifier Chip



Support Format



Bluetooth Chip



Bluetooth Transmission Distance

Bluetooth 5.0, up to 164ft/50m 


Power Adapter



DC Input Range

DC 12-24V 



3.54×4.72×1.18 inches (9×12×3 cm) 

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re hereto help

1. Get noise when playing music?

• Bluetooth input play mode: Try to use other Bluetooth devices. Weak or unstable Bluetooth signal will cause this problem, try to close your device to the BL20A.
• U-Disk input play mode: Try to use other U-Disks, and make sure the audio format is compatible with the BL20A. (BL20A supports MP3/WMA/APE/ FLAC/WAV audio format). Make sure that the U-Disk capacity does not exceed 32GB and can be used normally.
• AUX input play mode: Please change the audio cable to have a try.
• Try another RCA cable and make sure the audio cable is connected correctly.
• Please unplug the RCA cable from the amplifier, and then turn it on to have a try.
• Please change the audio source or other brand devices to have a try.
• Did you set the "treble" volume to the top? please volume down the "Treble" volume.
• Make sure that all the cables are completely pushed into the device, incompletely connection will cause this issue.
• Please keep this device away from other electronic devices.

2. All cables are connected, but there is no audio output?

• Please check the input indicator light on the front panel of the BL20A and the power supply are on.
• If the input indicator light is on, please check if the volume knob is at the minimum state, if it is, please turn up the volume.
• Make sure that the BL20A is in the play mode you want.

Note: Bluetooth input mode (The input mode indicator light will stay on blue.)

           AUX input mode (The input mode indicator light will stay on red.)

           U-Disk input mode (The input indicator light is red and flashes continuously.)

Input priority: The latest input mode first.

• Make sure that the U-Disk capacity does not exceed 32GB and can work normally.
• Please check if the audio source is paused.
• Please try to change the sound source, cables and speakers.
• Restart the BL20A and your device, then try to connect again.
Note: Make sure that all the cables are completely pushed into the device.

3. My Bluetooth device can’t pair with the BL20A?

• Make sure that the BL20A is powered on and the LED light on the power adapter stays on.
• Make sure that the BL20A is not paired with another device.
• Make sure that the distance between your device and the BL20A is not too long, close your device to the BL20A to have a try.
• Make sure there are no obstacles between your device and the BL20A, obstacles will affect the Bluetooth operation distance. (Maximum transmission distance without obstacles: 164ft/50m)
• Please try to change another Bluetooth audio source to test.
• Please replug the power supply, move the amplifier to another room and test it again.
• Restart the BL20A and then try to connect again, try to use another brand of mobile phone.

4. Why Bluetooth is intermittent?

• Use another Bluetooth device to have a try.
• Ensure that there is no interference from other electronic equipment between the BL20A and the audio source.
• Put your device close to the BL20A.
• Replug the power adapter.

5. One channel does not work?

• Please test whether the Bluetooth, U-Disk, and AUX inputs have the same problem first.
• If these three modes have the same problem, swap the speaker cables of the left and right channels, or change another speaker, and then test whether this channel still does not work;
• If only Bluetooth, U-Disk, or AUX mode does not work, change the audio source, change the audio cable and test again, and make sure that all the cables are completely pushed into the device.

6. U-Disk cannot be played?

• Please try other different U-Disk playback tests.
• Make sure that the U-Disk capacity does not exceed 32GB and can work normally.
• Make sure that the BL20A is in the U-Disk play mode.

7. U-Disk play rustling?

• Song format problem. WAV contains DTS multi-channel, the BL20A supports stereo but does not support multi-channel, you can convert DTS to stereo. Download the Foobar2000 software on the computer to convert the audio channel.

8. Can’t power on?

• Long press the power switch button to power on/off.
• Make sure that the LED light on the power adapter stays on.
• If it does not light up: Unplug the power adapter from the BL20A, plug the power adapter directly into the AC power source, and see if the LED will light up. If it still does not light up, it may be a problem with the power adapter. Please contact us to replace the power adapter.
• You can use the DC12-24V power adapter of the camera or router to connect the BL20A to test whether the BL20A can be turned on.

9. The BL20A can be used as a pre-amp?

• Yes. There is a PRE-OUT interface on the rear panel, which can be used as a preamplifier.

10. Do I have to connect all the outputs of BL20A? Can I only connect 2 speakers? Or just use it as a preamp?

• You don’t need to connect all the outputs. You can connect 2 passive speakers only. Or you can connect it to the pre-out as a preamplifier. And you can connect all the outputs simultaneously.

11. Sound quality is not good?

• Make sure all the cables are fully connected.
• Adjust the treble and bass control of the BL20A to achieve the right tone.
• Please try to change the sound source and cables to test.

12. Why the sound cut in and cut out?

• Try to reduce the sound of the sound source.
• Try to change the audio source to test.
• Reduce the volume of the treble and bass knob on the BL20A.
• Ensure that the positive and negative poles of the speaker output do not touch together. Some relatively large banana plugs are easy to touch together and cause a short circuit.

13. Does the BL20A support Bluetooth aptX and Low Latency?

• No. The BL20A does not support Dolby, aptX, aptX HD and aptX Low Latency.

14. Can this amp be left on all the time?

• It can be connected all the time and it is safe without power consumption.

15. Can I listen to two audio inputs at the same time?

• No, only one mode can be used at a time.


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