2 Channel Class D Power Amplifier

Bass you can feel, a mid-range that is crisp and clear, and a high that is sharp and precise. Fosi Audio products deliver exactly what you need to hear without fail.

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The Fosi Audio TB10D is a class D amplifier designed to give you the most bang for buck. This amplifier features an ultra-compact design with a maximum power output of 600W, making it perfect for small sound systems or 2 channel stereo systems.

Mini amp - As big as 
you want it.

You will enjoy the remarkable improvement an amplifier can bring to your sound. Music is now big, bold and live

The Best Sounding Class D Amplifier

Easy to install Class-D audio amplifier. Ideal for building home audio sound system. Designed for high quality audio output with RCA input connection.

The High-Performance Audio Amplifier

True to its word, the TB10D delivers masterful performance with excellent power efficiency. Packing a powerful TPA3255 chip, this amplifier can drive your speakers with ease.

Audio Input

RCA Input 

Output Power

300W + 300W 

Terminating Impedance


Frequency Range

20Hz – 20kHz (±1 dB) 





Input Sensitivity


Power supply voltage range


Power supply

32V 5A 

Product Size

166 x 105 x 40 mm 

Net Weight


Fosi Audio TB10D Measurements

Frequently asked questions

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7: Why there is no voice from my amplifier?

8: How much power does this use in standby mode? Can this amp be left on all the time?

9: Sound quality is not good?

10: Should I unplug the power cord?

11: Can I bridge channel 1 and channel 2 to get 600watts?

12: How can I connect TB10D to TV?

13: Will I be able to turn up the volume using my TV controller or will I need to adjust the volume manually?

14: Why the sound cut in and cut out?


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