Fosi Audio 48V GaN Power Supply Unit for TB10D, BT20A PRO,V3

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Bill William
Fosi Audio 48V GaN Power Supply

Worked very well for my Aiyima A08 Pro driving 2 8" Cambridge Soundworks drivers in undersized enclosures I bought on Amazon and lined the walls with damping material and stuffed with cotton in an attempt to compensate for the enclosure being undersized. This power supply definitely gave them quite a bit more punch than the stock power supply. I first tried a Skuaike 48 volt power supply but was very disappointed with the noise they produced going through my speakers. I am also using these for two Aiyima AO7 Max's. There is still some noise through the speakers but not nearly as noticable as with the Skuaike power supply. I'm sure the noise is not helped by the wiring in the house I live which is over 100 years old.

Duane Christiansen
Clean power Small profile

Its is a good power supply that conforms to all standards.


It costs more than the TB10D and took a long time to get, but it's a game changer. Definitely worth it if you have high draw speakers.

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