Fosi Audio PH05 5-Channel Headphone Splitter Amplifier

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  • Five-Channel Independent Amplification
  • Independent Level Controls for Each Channel
  • Live Real-Time Monitoring
  • One-Touch Mute

Meet the Audio Needs of Different Scenarios

Whether for professional production, educational settings, or home use, the PH05 offers an ideal solution for audio-sharing experiences.
Rated Output Power: 310mW@32Ω×5
Recommended Headphone Impedance: 16Ω-300Ω
Input Interface: 3.5mmAUX ; Output Interface: 3.5mm Headphone Out×5

Designed for Music Producers

Allows you and your partners to enjoy the clearest audio and create content collaboratively.

Live Real-Time Monitoring

Enabling multi-user audio monitoring, enhancing podcast recording and editing.

In-Class Shared Listening

Facilitates group learning through shared audio resources, boosting engagement and comprehension.

Individual Volume Control for Seniors

Allows adjusting sound to individual hearing needs, enhancing the TV viewing experience.

Five-Channel Independent Amplification

Each channel can output 310mW@32Ω to adapt a variety of 16-300Ω monitor headphones and IEMs.

Bring You the Ultimate Audio Experience

Boasts an advanced circuit design internally to ensure pristine sound with high SNR and low THD.

Independent Level Controls for Each Channel

Fine-tune each channel‘s volume based on individual hearing preferences without affecting others.

Large Dial Knob for Master Volume Control

Featuring a 34mm diameter with a smooth rotation, designed to provide convenient control experience.

One-Touch Mute

A single click mutes or unmutes all channels, allowing you to swiftly respond to the surrounding environment.

Substantial & Stable

Allows for one-handed volume adjustment without slipping, providing a more stable user experience.

Chamfered Design

Showcases elegant and smooth lines to enhance the overall aesthetic while ensuring a comfortable grip every time.

All-Aluminum Alloy

Constructed from full aluminum alloy using advanced CNC integrated molding technology, creating a robust and refined unibody design
  • Pro Splitter Amp: The PH05 is a versatile one-in-five-out stereo headphone splitter/amplifier, allowing you to connect up to five sets of headphones simultaneously, adapting to multiple audio-sharing and distribution scenarios. Whether for professional music studio production, podcasting, teaching, or everyday use like seniors watching TV, it will serve as your excellent companion.

  • Independent Amplification: Each of the five channels can independently output power up to 310mW@32Ω, perfectly compatible with a variety of monitor headphones and IEMs with impedance ranging from 16 to 300 ohms, providing flexible audio sharing. PH05 is an upgrade model of PH04 which offers one more channel and higher power output.

  • User-Friendly Control: Equipped with independent level control knobs for each channel, ensuring that adjustments made to one channel do not affect others, allowing personalized volume settings for each headphone. Additionally, features a large-diameter master volume control and a one-touch mute button, greatly enhancing ease of use.

  • Outstanding Performance: In addition to delivering robust power output, the PH05 boasts an advanced circuitry design internally, ensuring pristine sound. With an SNR of up to 105dB, THD as low as 0.001%, and noise floor as low as 25μV, it guarantees exceptional audio fidelity

  • Substantial & Compact: The perfect combination of all-aluminum alloy solid build, exquisite appearance, anti-slip foot pads, and greater stability. Experience the superior quality in every touch, complemented by the peace of mind that comes with Fosi Audio's 24-month warranty.
  • Type: Headphone Amp
  • MAX Power Output: 310mW@32Ω
  • Input: 3.5mm AUX
  • Output: 3.5mm Headphone×5
  • THD: <0.001%
  • SNR: 105dB
  • Terminating Impedance: 16-300 Ohm
  • Work Voltage: DC12V/1A

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
D. Thompson II
Great multi-output amp/splitter

After juggling multiple monitors on one output for years, this thing rocks! I'm only using three outputs right now. Two headphones and one amp. The individual volume controls allow me and a guest or guests to listen to the same thing at our own volume. I can then turn the headphones down and use my amp when headphones aren't necessary. It even seems to sound cleaner than my old setup.

Fantastic value

Excellent headphone amp to be able to switch to different headphones with ease.


Awesome little device

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