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Matthew Williams
Great Customer Service

I accidentally stripped one of the case screws on my Fosi ZA3 while changing out the op-amps. One email, and a very reasonable shipping fee, I got some screws to replace the stripped one. Thanks Fosi !



Vasko Evkoski
Small, clear and loud.

I purchased a V3 amplifier which arrived promptly and was well-packaged, accompanied by a 48v 5a power supply and a thoughtful orange button gift. The amplifier itself is a compact, finely crafted black box with a reassuringly solid feel to it.

Upon connecting it to my KEF passive speakers with 6 ohm impedance, as well as my laptop and power supply, I embarked on a 12-hour listening session, pushing it to 3/4 power with various test signals and music genres. From the outset, I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity of the sound, a quality that remained consistent throughout the entire duration.

Remarkably, despite the extended use, the temperature of the amplifier's case never exceeded 40°C, a testament to its effective cooling system, while the power supply remained remarkably cool as well.

Overall, I found this to be an excellent amplifier suitable for both casual listening and intimate gatherings. I wholeheartedly recommend it, with gratitude to Fosi Audio for delivering such a remarkable product.

Chris Eshpeter

They honoured the 25% discount even when I forgot to apply it on my order…. Very decent of them I must say.

Gökhan İŞLER
I was very pleased

Sales and support are very helpful and very successful. The service and shipping are very fast. I definitely recommend
The products are very high quality, I am very satisfied

i love fosi audio..

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