Fosi Audio V3 300W x2 2.0 Channel Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amplifier with TPA3255 Chip

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Born for HiFi Enthusiasts

Using a minimalist design language, focusing more on enhancing the sound quality and performance of the product, making it the best-sounding power amplifier of Fosi Audio to date.
Max Power Output: 300Wx2@4Ω
SINAD: 88dB | SNR: ≥110dB
THD: ≤0.003% | Noise Floor: 140uV ;Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

TI TPA3255 Integrated

Enabling superior audio quality & ultra-low distortion across the audio band with Class-D efficiency

Swappable Op-Amps

Compatible with 8-pin dual op-amps. Roll them to get your preferred sound signature

Audiophile-Grade Capacitorsn

Built-in quality Japanese NCC, ELNA, and German WIMA capacitors for outstanding performance

Japanese SUMIDA Inductors

Professional audio inductors which have lower impedance and enables support for larger currents

Groundbreaking Heat Dissipation

Vents on the top and bottom, and whole-body heatsink design enhance air circulation and cooling

Bookshelf Scene

Home Theater

Desktop Scene

  • Compact Yet Powerful: The V3 mini power amplifier combines a minimalist design with exceptional performance. With a power output of up to 600W, it can effortlessly drive 2-8Ω speakers, delivering impressive sound quality. Its compact size makes it suitable for various applications, from bookshelves and desktop setups to home theaters.

  • Audiophile-Grade Components: It features the TPA3255 high-end digital class D amp chip and utilizes premium Japanese NCC, ELNA, and German WIMA capacitors, and Japanese Sumida inductors for exceptional audio quality. With a SINAD rating of up to 88dB, an SNR of up to 110dB, and a low noise floor of only 140uV, it delivers exceptional clarity and low distortion.

  • Innovative Cooling: The V3 stands out with its groundbreaking heat dissipation design. Equipped with vents on the casing's top and bottom, and a whole-body heatsink design, it efficiently dissipates heat, preventing damage to components and ensuring optimal performance.

  • Scalable and Fun: Tailor your sound experience by swapping the stock NE5532 op-amps. V3 is compatible with a variety of 8-pin dual op-amps like Sparkos SS3602, MUSES02, OPA2604, OPA2134PA, OP249, AD827, RM4559, LM4562, LME49720HA, etc.

  • Worry-Free: Enjoy peace of mind with the V3 stereo amplifier. It comes with a 24-month warranty, ensuring reliable performance and customer satisfaction. Note: The "Pre-out" level is NOT controlled by the volume control as the V3 is not an integrated amplifier, so the sound is NOT adjustable when you are connected to the "Pre-out". Note: It doesn't come with the orange knob.
  • Chip Set: TI TPA3255
  • Output Power: 300Wx2 @4Ω
  • Terminating Impedance: 2-8Ω
  • Input Mode: RCA
  • Output Mode: Speaker Output + Pre-out
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB)
  • SINAD: 88dB
  • THD: 0.003%
  • SNR: ≥110dB
  • Control Knob: Built-in Logarithmic Taper A pot
  • Device Dimension: 6.5x4.1x1.4 inches
  • DC Input Range: 24-48V
  • Power Supply: 32V/5A, 48V/5A
  • V3 Power Amplifier x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews

Fosi Audio V3 300W x2 2.0 Channel Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amplifier with TPA3255 Chip

Kim Hitch
Not bad for the price

Its good running it in so sounds is getting more cuddly

V3 Review

It works well

Hans-Georg Helle
my Fosi Audio V 3

The externally very small amplifier pleases with its transparent sound and decent dynamics
Despite my high-efficiency speakers, you can hardly hear any noise

V3 Review

Driving eight Ohm speakers, the V3 (with 48V power supply) is approximately 100 Watts per channel. Transparent sound with no obvious coloring, dead silent with no signal.

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