Fosi Audio SK02 Desktop DAC/Headphone Amp   

Compact Yet Powerful

ES9038Q2M DAC   |   SGM8262 Op-Amp   |   PCM384kHz, DSD256

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Premium Sound, Audiophile's Choice 

Crafted for audiophiles, 
suits high and low impedance headphones.
Captures every nuance from classical to modern beats,
offering unmatched audio quality.
SK02 blends purity and rich details, 
perfect for HiFi enthusiasts.

Premium ES9038Q2M DAC
Supports up to PCM384kHz and DSD256
Robust Driving Force
All Aluminum Alloy Chassis
Vibrant LED Indicators
Multifunctional Infinite Knob

Compact Minimalist Desktop Audio

It perfectly complements settings, from your study and living room to the studio, adding a touch of elegance and harmony to every corner.

High-End SABRE ES9038Q2M DAC

With its outstanding high-resolution and pure sound quality, each listening experience transforms into an extraordinary sensory journey.

Audiophile Grade Specs

Robust Power

280mW       1100mW

3.5 mm                     4.4 mm


120dB         116dB

3.5 mm                     4.4 mm

Ultra-Low Noise

13μV             6μV

3.5 mm                     4.4 mm

Supports High-Res PCM384kHz, DSD256

The SK02 masterfully restores sound, capturing every subtle detail, thereby redefining the ultimate standards of auditory enjoyment. 

Multifunctional Large Knob for Easier Control

Combines play, pause, mute, and volume adjustment in one, 

simplifying the operation process and enhancing the user experience.

Infinite Rotation, 

Adjust Volume at Will

Experience silky smooth rotation for music control right at your fingertips, crafting a seamless and personalized musical journey.

Single Click for Play/Pause,

Double Click for Mute

Convenient control for swift music state changes, offering you a more efficient and comfortable audio control experience. 

Fully Unleash Exceptional Power

Delivers stable and robust output, ensuring all headphones, 

from in-ear toprofessional over-ear, perform at their best.

High and Low Gain Settings for 

16-300Ω Headphones

Adapts to both high and low impedance headphones, offering flexible gain options for a tailored auditory feast. 

Maximize Amplifier Potential for Superior Audio

Enhances audio with high resolution from deep bass to clear highs, ensuring a refined and immersive listening experience.

Rich Input/Output Interfaces for Diverse Scenarios

Adaptable to a wide range of devices, the extensive input and output interfaes ensure a versatile and enriching audio experience.

3.5mm Single-End & 4.4mm Balanced Outputs

Easily switchable to meet your diverse needs, making it the ideal companion for your headphones.

Optical & USB Input Flexibility Supported

Efficient connectivity and clear transmission for seamless high-definition audio, ushering in a new era of high-quality audio transmission.

3.5mm AUX/Optical Integrated Design

Dual enjoyment in one: The seamless fusion of AUX and optical outputs provides a professional audio experience for various devices.

Colorful Indicators, Visible Music Formats

Instantly lit PCM and DSD indicator lights display the song's audio format, helping you focus on every detail of the music.

Equipped with dedicated buttons for high/low gain and input source; a simple touch switch settings, crafting perfect sound. 

One-Button Gain and Input Mode Switches

One-Button Gain and Input Mode Switches

Equipped with dedicated buttons for high/low gain and input source; a simple touch switch settings, crafting perfect sound. 

All Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Made with aluminum alloy and shaped through advanced CNC integrated molding technology, creating a robust yet refined unibody design.

Precisely Crafted Beveled Edge on the Top Cover

Showcases smooth and elegant lines, ensuring a comfortable grip and making every touch a delightful experience.

Durable Solid Aluminum Alloy Knob

Precision-engineered for durability and reliability, providing a smooth and comfortable operational experience.

Real Measurement Makes 

Sound Quality Visible

Strict testing of parameters transforms excellent sound quality from abstract to concrete, 

ensuring visible and assured audio excellence.





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