Fosi Audio T3 Bluetooth 5.0 Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier Class AB with Headphone Sub Out

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Fosi Audio T3 is a Hi-Fi Bluetooth 5.0 stereo tube amplifier that offers a warm and natural sound quality, superb audio fidelity, and efficiency. You can build a 2.1CH home sound system to hook 2...
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  • Fosi Audio T3 is a Hi-Fi Bluetooth 5.0 stereo tube amplifier that offers a warm and natural sound quality, superb audio fidelity, and efficiency. You can build a 2.1CH home sound system to hook 2 passive speakers+1 powered subwoofer through T3 to get hifi music enjoyment.
  • Tube Headphone Amplifier. T3 can drive most headphones to deliver a colossal sound stage and effortless dynamic range. Clearer sound performance in all audio ranges - base, mid-range, and treble.
  • Exclusive Design. T3 features Bluetooth/RCA input, volume/bass/treble control, passive speakers/active subwoofer/headphone output, ease to set up, and fits most home stereo systems.
  • Real audiophile sound. T3 is equipped with 6F2 tubes to get warmth sound and with class D efficiency. A better listening experience from your speakers and headphones./li>
  • What you Get: T3 amplifier x1, Bluetooth antenna x1, 6F2 Vacuum tubes x2, Power Cable x1, User Manual x1, 24-month worry-free warranty, and friendly customer service.
Fosi Audio T3 Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier
Fosi Audio T3 Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier


Specifications Details
Model T3
RMS Output Power 50W x2@4Ω
Headphones Output 16-300Ohm
Terminating Impedance 4Ω-8Ω
Input Mode Bluetooth, AUX1, AUX2
Output Mode Passive Speakers, Active Subwoofer, Headphone
Frequency Range 45Hz-20KHz
THD 0.1%
SNR ≥ 86dB
Input Sensitivity 300mV
Bluetooth Transmission Distance Up to 28 Ft(10m)
Bluetooth Name Fosi Audio T3
Device Dimension 230 x 150 x 70mm
Work Voltage AC 110V - 240V

What‘s in the box?

Item Quantity
Fosi Audio T3 Amplifier x 1
Bluetooth Antenna x 1
ECF80 Vacuum tubes x 2
Power Cable x 1
User’s Manual x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beyond all Expectations - even Bluetooth performance

I bought this for my computer desktop system, to replace a 32-year old 5.1 Pioneer AV receiver that I kept on a shelf under the desktop. I had to push my chair back, slide the keyboard tray in, and bend down with a flashlight whenever I wanted to switch inputs or change surround settings, etc., especially with the room darkened. Not only was it very bulky and inconvenient to operate, but it was a real pain to pull-out to change rear-panel connections. I paid over three times the price of the new Fosi amp for that Pioneer receiver way back in 1991 - talk about a real bargain in these inflationary times! I never used rear or center channel speakers when using the Pioneer as a desktop amp, and never came close to using the 100W per channel output. I will move the old receiver to TV room to upgrade a cheap off-brand AV system, using a pair of Klipsch SB-2 bookshelf speakers that have been sitting idle in storage for a decade.

The new T3 sits on my desktop right between 42" monitor and a USB DAC/pre-amp, where it is easy to reach and adjust the controls, without having to push my chair back and bend down with flashlight. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love the illuminated tubes glowing in the dark. The sound quality is first-rate for multiple times the price, and the line-out subwoofer jack connects to my Klipsch R-100SW active 10" sub to seamlessly augment the bottom-end from a pair of Klipsch RB-10 satellites with 4" woofer cones. It delivers a stunning stereo image, with no hiss, hum or other audio detritus. With only 25W RMS per channel, it can still drive the very sensitive Klipsch speakers to insane sound levels, without appreciable distortion. I keep the amp's tone controls flat, and use the VLC media player's equalizer to shape the sound spectrum, as well as control volume levels.

I ordered a matched pair of low-noise GE JAN-5725W tubes ($22 Cdn) a couple days before the amp arrived, which are allegedly a sonic upgrade to the stock Chinese 6J2 preamp tubes (the output stage is solid state). I will update this review when they arrive, if the GE NOS tubes result in any further improvement to the stereo soundstage or frequency response. I have seen some very negative reviews of this little amp online and on YouTube, but they seem to be completely baseless based on my unit. I do have the amp plugged into a YY Audio power filter/conditioner, so the lack of hum or hiss is no surprise.

I would highly recommend this little black beauty to anyone who wants a small, simple amp to drive a pair of bookshelf speakers (with or without sub) for nearfield listening, or in a smallish room. It won't push big, power-hungry tower speakers to ear-bleeding levels, but I would bet it would work fine for jazz or chamber music with sensitive, large speakers (like every Klipsch model ever), in anything but a huge listening room.

Right after I received this amp from Amazon (Canada), it disappeared from the site - likely sold out. Get yours while you can

Michael Keza
Terrific amp.

I love this little amp!
Excellent sound, tone controls work well and easy to set up and use with good connection options. I've used it with several different speaker brands and no issues driving even relatively low impedance speakers. My only wish is that it came with a remote, though that is a small issue given the value for price. I'd love to see Fosi Audio make more affordable AB amps.

Ben Herrmann
While it lasts, absolutely superb sound - but dies soon after

I first purchased this amp back in October 2022 and I was one of the first to proclaim that its sound was state-of-the-art. Now to be honest, I kept mine on a desktop, near-field environment, so the power ratings didn't matter much to me, because I would never use more than just a few watts of power.

All I knew was the fact that it produced such a lovely, Audiophile-level sound quality. I wrote many a positive review on it on various sites because I couldn't believe that such an inexpensive amp could produce such superb sound. I consistently gave it 5 stars - but that has change.

But alas, this did not last long. At the end of April of 2023 (just 7 months after purchase), the amplifier started to have huge drop-outs in the music. The drop-outs would last for 1-2 seconds at a time and if you turned up the volume a little (which on a desktop scenario wasn't much), the drop-outs would get longer - I was so surprised and disappointed. I tried troubleshooting by changing tubes, checking my other components, all to no avail - it was the T3 that was at fault.

I tried contacting Fosi to see what I could do, but there was no answer - very disappointing also.

So now I have an amp that I cannot use. I don't know if I will purchase a new T3 because I am afraid the long-term reliability is just not there.

So I am giving this formerly wonderful amp just 3 stars due to poor reliability and the inability to get it repaired or replaced.

Oh well - such is life. I will look elsewhere for a tube amplifier to replace this T3.

Ben Herrmann
Fuquay-Varina, NC USA

Lalo Rosales
Terrific little amp

Pictures of analog setup.Replacing a 70s Marantz receiver with surprisingly good results.

Lalo Rosales
Terrific little amp.

I am a person that has never left the analog realm and have had countless receivers, integrated amps and experienced tube amps from the 50s 60s and 70s.I am coming from a '72 Marantz 2245 receiver which I used FM for classical music (I'm in SoCal so good reception) and play vinyl and shellac (78rpn) both stereo and mono loud. I am transitioning to D type amps to check them out to compare and the T3 looks to be the perfect transition from my former analog setup. It has inputs for 2 different devices. It's hooked up to a Scott tuner and a Audio technica turntable with preamp with good results driving 70s Sansui 4 way speakers. It could use a little more headroom but generally adequate for a mid size living space.The only review I could find was a bad one on YouTube didn't describe specifics like this review. I'm impressed with the ability to drive the described speaker and handle this tuner with the quietness that it displayed. I can't tell you about the Bluetooth as I am a analog audio person but probably works fine. For the $$ the T3 is terrific.

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