Fosi Audio P69 Hood 1969 HI-FI Class A Power Amplifier 2 Channel

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AC: AC100V-110V 60Hz
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  • All Aluminum chassis;

  • Output protection system; 

  • 130W ring transformer;

  • Class A 10 watt output per channel (Be equal to 100watt of Class D);

  • Built-in powerful radiator;

  • Operating Voltage: AC220V(110V voltage version can be customized)

  • Power consumption: 65Watt (130Watt Max)

  • Input impedance: 47K

  • Output impedance: 4-8 Ohm

  • Output power(Class A): 10Watt x 2

  • Output power(Class AB): 50Watt x 2

  • SNR: >115dB

  • THD: <0.01%

  • Frequency Range: 16-25kHz @1kHz ±1dB

  • Size: 300*90*212mm (W* L* H)

  • Weight:  7KG

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